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Personal Post Office Scale



Recommended by the Press

"Hit of the Week -- a post office in the palm of your hand" -- Boston Globe

" to use " -- New York Magazine

"An inexpensive way to find out whether a letter needs an extra stamp" -- The Los Angeles Times

"...(it) grips and weighs, then stores practically anywhere" -- New York Times

  Customers Love It

"Love your Personal Post Office® Scale. It’s the greatest. They make great gifts. Keep up the good, practical work. You are appreciated." -- Chicago, IL

"I’d like to tell you what I use my scales for. I’ve weighed baby iguanas and newly hatched tortoises with it. I put them in an envelope and weigh it, subtracting the weight of the envelope" -- Arizona

"Finally...I found who makes that handy little postage scale...Saw the blurb in Consumer Reports. Before you get out of sight, here's my $5.75! Fire one back to me pronto please." -- Los Angeles, CA

"Please send me an updated postal rate chart. If I kept a log of each time I use the little scale, it would even surprise me!" -- Columbia, SC

"I’m delighted to see your firm marketing the personal postal scale as a Christmas present. I’ve given a few friends the scale and they always love it. Now I will order some for business colleagues." --New York, NY

"Yours is a terrific product. Best wishes for holiday sales." -- Denver, CO

"Please send two more of your great little scale. What a great simple item that really works! Thanks a million." -- Macon, GA

"I have bought and given away many of your postal scales. I probably have an extra one or two around, but I am ordering more.

One very important selling feature that you never mention is that it also has a metric scale on the back. I travel a lot and sometimes I stay for a while in such places as Europe, England, China, Malaysia or Africa. It is always a problem to wait in line in such places and deal with clerks who do not necessarily speak English. I find it helpful to take my scale to countries, get a copy of their postal rates and buy a good supply of stamps. From then on I can stay out of lines and be sure that I have the correct amount of postage on my letters. Furthermore I can make gifts of your scales to my friends in those countries, not just in the U.S.

Spread the good word. Sell more scales." -- Valparaiso, IN

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