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Personal Post Office Scale



A "weigh" to be sure

Do you ever send newspaper clippings, photos or other enclosures in letters and wonder how many stamps to use? Do you guess?

As postal rates increase guessing the correct postage grows more and more costly.

With the Personal Post OfficeŽ scale you have a "weigh" to be sure of the exact postage to use.

The Personal Post Office® scale is an inexpensive hand-held scale that shows you how much a letter weighs, up to 4 ounces or 100 grams, and comes in a vinyl carrying case with an up-to-date postal rate chart showing domestic and international rates. Great for home, office, school, or travel.

  • Easy to use, carry and store
  • Saves money on postage and prevents postage due
  • Many hobby uses
  • Calibrated to last a lifetime
  • Sample scales tested and approved for accuracy by the U. S. Postal Service
  • Makes a great gift!


  • All metal scale permanently calibrated in ounces (0-4) and grams (0-100).
  • Handy vinyl carrying case.
  • Up-to-date domestic and international postage rate card.
  • New rate cards are available whenever rates change.
Calibrated in grams and ounces